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The key to a good treatment and outcome is through an accurate diagnosis. We spend time taking a full history and perform a thorough objective assessment to come to this diagnosis. From here a treatment plan is drawn up. Some of the many treatments that are available at the Portumna Physiotherapy Clinic include;

Manual Therapy:

Hands on treatment is the mainstay of the practitioners at the clinic. This includes mobilisation and manipulation of the joints and tissues. Soft tissue techniques including massage, frictions, soft tissue releases, connective tissue massage and deep tissue massage are regularly used. Joint mobilisation and manipulation throughout the body are used as indicated. Passive joint and tissue stretches are also regularly used particularly post operatively or in the patient with weakness, poor control or increased tone. Your treatment may well include a combination of these techniques.

Exercise & Posture Therapy:

Patients will invariably be prescribed some form of exercise protocol as part of their treatment plan. This will often include ergonomic advice on posture or biomechanical correction.

The clinic has excellent facilities in the gym area which boasts a large area for rehabilitation, treadmill, exercise bike/pedals, wobble boards, core stability area, exercise bars/wall, resistance bands, weights, re-education mirrors, walking aids including sticks, crutches, etc.

galway rosscommon mayo physioElectrotherapy:

This clinic carries many electrotherapeutic devices to boost recovery. These include ultrasound, interferential, TENS, sports stimulation devices and combined therapies. In addition the use of Cryotherapy is well used – particularly cryocuff for all joints and also heat therapy.


This is becoming hugely popular as an adjunct to physiotherapy. Particularly useful in chronic pain conditions and also in nerve related problems e.g. sciatica. However it can be beneficial in all pathologies and is one of the most sought after treatments at this clinic.

Contact Details

Phone: 087 927 9205
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Opening Times

Monday:  9am – 8pm
Tuesday:  9am – 7:30pm
Wednesday:  9am – 6pm
Thursday:  9am – 8pm
Friday 9am – 7pm

If the above times are not suitable, please phone us and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

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