Below you can see just some of the testimonials from past and present clients. If you have been a visitor to our clinic be sure to leave your own comments. In order to do so visit the contact page and leave your testimonial.

Jimmy O'Reilly, Galway

"I have used Brian as my physiotherapist since damaging my back a while ago. I found that despite the medication and care I was given prior to see Brian my back wasn't getting any better, in fact I dont think it was improving at all. Since going to Brian's clinic my back had gradually been getting better and I can now drive long distances pain free. Brian has also provided me with excellent custom fit training exercise routines to do from home and along with the training in his gym I'm pretty sure my back will be at its straongest shortly and have made a full recovery.

Brian has always been able to arrange a convenient appointment, sometimes at short notice and I cant thank him enough"

Shay - Roscommon

"Portumna Physiotherapy have provided an excellent service to me for several years, as play competitive sport in 3 different codes I have previously had a variety of injuries ranging from minor strains to knee surgery. Because of the professional nature and expertise provided I have always been promptly able to return to do what I love doing best, playing sport. In many cases after working though an injury with Brian I have indeed felt that I have came back stronger and fitter.

I have no problem advising others to visit Brian at Portumna Physiotherapy as I have used different centers and treatments before, but the attention and care provided is second to none at the Portumna Physiotherapy. "

Jennifer, Co Tipperary

"very professional and private clinic. Excellent explanation of my upper back problem and made me understand where all my problems were coming from - my posture and computer! Very effective treatment with good outcome. Will be back again before I let it get too bad! Highly recommend this clinic."

John, County Clare

" I have nearly finished my physio after having my ACL (cruciate ligament) repaired. I thought Brian was great to keep me right week after week with what I needed to do. And stop me doing the things I shouldn't be doing too!Making a quicker recovery than most and back hurling again after 5 months. Delighted with it."

Sarah, Co Galway

"My solicitor advised me to come to this clinic. I had a whiplash injury last year but could not afford to get private physiotherapy treatment. He made an arrangement with Brian who agreed to treat me on credit until my case settled. My neck was not going to get better without his treatment. I have improved really well annd my case will be over soon, I hope. Really good physiotherapist who is very easy to talk to."

Stephen, Co Offaly

"We had to bring our 12 year old son to Brian last year with pains in his knee. His diagnosis of Osgood Schlatters disease was 100% right. But his advice and explanation to James was brilliant. he knew he had to get ice on the knee really often and watch how much he trained. Made life much easier on us as James could understand what was wrong with his own knee then. Thanks again Brian"

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