Fee's & Insurance

The three main insurers all offer money back on Chartered Physiotherapy treatments. You may also be entitled to refunds through your employer eg Garda Medical Aid.  Fees for treatments are outlined below:

VHI Ireland Insurance
laya healthcare
  • Initial Assessment & Treatment  -  €50
  • Follow up Treatments  -  €50
  • Club* Rate  -  €40
  • (for playing members of  sports clubs)
  • Deep Tissue Massage (30 mins) -  €45

Other reduced rates may have been arranged by your club with this clinic. Please phone for details when booking.


The three main insurers (VHI, Quinn, Aviva) all offer money back on Chartered Physiotherapy treatments. How much they will give you back varies according to which plan you have but can be half or more of every consultation you have. Some plans have an ‘excess’ so only give you money back if you spend a lot, while others give you money back even if you don’t visit very often. It is worthwhile comparing the different plans to see which suits you best. We have included links to their websites in the Links section.

Contact Details

Phone: 087 927 9205
@: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Opening Times

Monday:  9am – 8pm
Tuesday:  9am – 7:30pm
Wednesday:  9am – 6pm
Thursday:  9am – 8pm
Friday 9am – 7pm

If the above times are not suitable, please phone us and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.

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